Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Country Fair

Unfortunately, today is the last day that I write this blog in Maryland. I can't believe that!!
However, we went to the Montgomery County Agricultural Fair in Gaithersburg, Maryland. It was my first time to go to Fair. I imagined that the fair was kind of Japanese festival(We call it 'Matsuri' in Japanese) , so I was surprised the big scale of the Fair. Japanese 'Matsuri' is more relogious event. It usually takes part in at shrine. There were also many booths which selle cotton candies, junk food and so on, but there were no animals, atractions. The pig race attracted to me the most. I wonder why they run straight. They were amazing. Maybe, I wan't eat pork briefly.
I hard that, fair is swarming with of all ages in America. Although there are same kind of fair in Japan, it is not common. I think this difference comes from the scale of farming. I said that 'Matsuri' is more rerigious event, it is because Japanese people wished to have a good crop of rice for god. I want to know more about American fair.

Monday, August 14, 2006

The Guitar Concert

Last night, we had a guitar concert at the lobby of Quality Inn. Mr.Phan who played the guitar is staying the same hotel, and Mr. Uchida made friends to him and his family. It was my first time to hear the live performance of the classic guitar(More over, it was very close!) . I love the sound of the classic guitar, so it was wonderful experience. The mellow sound made me relax. After the concert, he said that ' Music is relogion' . I couldn't understand what he really want to say, but I was impressed by that word.
I think the power of music is stronger than that of words. In fact, sometime I couldn't understand what Mr. Phan said, but I felt his feeling from his playing last night. I want to buy his CD in Japan.

Friday, August 11, 2006

student life in the US

We had a panel discussion on the education and student life in the US.
I was really impressed with what Yukari said ( She gradeated from AGU). Because, she taught us not only how nice the life of US, but also taught us how the studying at US univercity is hard. I want to study abroad when my graduate school so her experiences were very helpful for me to think about my life. I want to talk to her again.

Thursday, August 10, 2006


We learned about the immigrants in the Kevin's class. In japan, there are not many immigrants. We had same skin colers, same languages, and same cultures. It is very different from America. When I walk the city, I felt it the most. After the class, we went to Chainatown and Columbia Heights. These city especially Columbia Heights had very different atmosphere from the city we staying.
After today's studying, I became to want to know which allegiance is stronger; the US or their allegiance to their motherland. I think they had stronger allegiance to their motherland than to US. Because, they make their own community such as Chinatown.

Wednesday, August 09, 2006


Yesterday was American Family Day. We learned about the family culture of America, and then compared it with that of Japan in Kevin's class. He gave us a lot of ideas about the American family. I've read about these things in a book, but he has a interesting view , so it was attracted me a lot. The most interesting information was that the picture of family which was drawn by kindergarten children is very different between America and Japan. Many Japanese childeren draw their family in order, such as fathere-mother-brothere. On the other hand American children draw their family disorder. I also draw my family picture in order. I think these differences come from the region. Many Japanese make a point of the order naturally.
Anyway, I want to learn about those things in Japan too!

Tuesday, August 08, 2006

The Washington Post

August 7 , we went to Wasshington DC to take a field trip. It was cooler than last weekend, so it was easy to walk for me. At 1:15, we went to the station to meet Nina, Kevin and Menters. I slept in the train. I think I was tired.
First of all, I went to the National Geographic Museum. They had many interesting exhibitions. Soccer corner which has many impressive photos was attracted the most. After the museum, we visited the headquarters of the Washington Post . I 'm interested in journalism in USA,so I was very looking forward to visit here. Our guide showed the video about the history of the Washington Post. I watched same one in the Kevin's class in the morning , but it was interesting so I didn't mind. After seeing the vedio, we moved to the 4th floor to see the main office. The floor was divided to many sections such as Metro, Style , Weather and so on.

Monday, August 07, 2006

Washington DC

After the English class, we went to Washington DC to listento the jazz concert. It was taken place in the NGA sclupture park. There were many artistic sclupture. Some of them were difficult to understand but they attracted me a lot.
It was the first time to go to the Washington DC. The city was more beautiful than I thought. Washington DC is very looks like Tokyo, but the atmosphere of the city is very diffrent. Tokyo has a frenetic atomosphere, on the other hand, DC has a peaceful atomosphere. I liked it.

We saw many monuments and museams in Washington DC. WW2 memorial park impressed me the most. It was very hot but the beautiful fountain made me cool. The park was looked like the Peace Memorial Park in Nagasaki.